Texas Counties Deliver

286th District Court

Jury Service is a Civic Duty and a Privilege  

The 286th District Court has replaced several hours of sitting in a packed courtroom being questioned by the District Judge with a simple questionnaire.

As a potential juror, you must follow the instructions on this page.


**The Hockley County Criminal Trial is set for September 26, 2023 at 9:00am

Has Been Canceled



Step 1: Check in and Complete Juror Questionnaire                                                                                                   Please have Juror summons in hand, to input your juror number and password, then answer each question on questionnaire. (Note: Please use smartphone, or if using desktop computer or laptop use firefox or chrome)



Step 2: Watch Your Email  After completion of questionnaire, you will be notified by email if you are exempt.   If you are not exempt, you will receive an email  from the Court Coordinator or the District Clerk with instructions on when and where to appear.

Step 3: Appear as Summoned Unless you have received an email from the Court excusing you from further participation, you must appear at the time and date listed on your juror summons. Please dress appropriately, and be prompt.

COVID19 Protocols We have taken every precaution to protect the health and safety of everyone in the Jury System. When arriving at the Courthouse and or Mallet Event Center a temperature check will be conducted and you will be screened for COVID-like symptoms before being allowed to enter the building. Masks will be available. No one who meets any of the following criteria will be granted entrance into the courthouse;

> you are experiencing or have experienced within the prior 10 days, any COVID19, cold or flu-like symptoms,

>you have within the prior 14 days been in prolonged close contact with someone with a probable or confirmed case of COVID19 and are not fully vaccinated, or

>you have been diagnosed with a probable or confirmed case of COVID19 within the prior 10 days.

286th District Court of Texas - Judge Pat Phelan